Four Blue Palms, Inc. is a dynamic group of food and beverage industry veterans and cocktail connoisseurs, focused on crafting the highest quality of products available anywhere in the market today. Together, Four Blue Palm's partners represent over half a century of experience in innovating, producing and marketing iconic brands enjoyed by discerning consumers' around the world. Four Blue Palms is headquartered in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee, surrounded by great music, great food and great cocktails.

Four Blue Palms is proud to present Red Eye Rye, specially created to be a unique and versatile spirit. Red Eye Rye infuses 100% rye whiskey with pure Arabica coffee and fine ingredients to give life to a new Southern tradition. On the palate, bold coffee flavors intermingle with smooth rye spice and a touch of sweetness. Red Eye Rye is bottled at 80 proof, making it perfect on its own or as the base for your favorite rye cocktail.


Crafted by expert bartenders, Barsmith bar essentials, brines, syrups and mixes make for perfect classic and modern cocktails. Barsmith products are made with the finest ingredients at exacting proportions. With only Non-GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, Barsmith provides distinguished flavor for truly exceptional cocktails.